In June 1999, Emebet Mulugeta from Ethiopia and Randi Rønning Balsvik from Norway met at the Women’s World 1999 in Tromsø, Norway. They initiated a research co-operation between the former Center for Research Training and Information on Women in Development (CERTWID) now Institute of Gender Studies (IGS), Addis Ababa University and the University of Tromsø. They involved Sissel H Eriksen and Anne Britt Flemmen in their plans, and the group applied for and received a research grant from NUFU (the Norwegian Council for Higher Education's Programme for Development Research and Education) starting in 2002.

Five sub-projects were funded for five years and started in 2002 under the umbrella "Urbanisation and Gender in Ethiopia" - NUFU I. This project was phased out in 2007.

Following this cooperation the research group received a new five years funding from NUFU to start "Constructions of Gender in the Formal and Informal Sector in Ethiopia" - NUFU II - in 2007. While the research in NUFU I was conducted as individual projects our collaboration have inspired us to use the NUFU II as an opportunity for researchers from Ethiopia and Norway to do joint research.

The collaboration is administered from the University of Tromsø by SEMUT.

esearch collaboration between Addis Ababa and Tromsø

"The Quest for Expression"
"Urban Poverty in Ethiopia"
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